There is no obligation, no pressure sales and no need to bring your lawyer.  

Next Seminar Dates:

Did we mention this seminar is free.  Some times we have fun handing out gift cards, wine glasses, coffee mugs and other great prizes just for coming.  No Jets tickets this time, but Jeff and Donna called after they used their free tickets and had a great time.  Better yet, they just closed on the purchase of their first home together and look forward to starting a family. 

There will be lots of time to talk with Michelle or Steve about your next great home buying adventure.  If you can't make the seminar, we will be happy to arrange a separate time to sit down and discuss your options for a mortgage or that new house.

Complimentary (Free) home buying  workshop

Castle Group

580 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB, Canada



Come and spend a hour with us - a Realestate Agent and a Mortgage Broker. We have a fun 60 minute presentation that covers all the little tidbits you need to know when you go through the home buying process.


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March 11th

 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


April 8th

at 6:30 - 8:00 pm

During the Free Workshop we will cover:

  • Basics of a mortgage
  • working with an Agent
  • how working with us will make buying a home stress free
  • Lending criteria
  • Debt, Liabilities, Income
  • Credit requirements
  • How to improve your chances
  • Fixed vs Variable
  • and many more.....

Are you thinking about buying that new house!  Maybe you are looking to get out of that rental and put some equity in your pocket?  Possibly you just need that extra bathroom or bedroom and need an upgrade!

 There have been many changes to the qualification process for obtaining a mortgage. None of them in your favor!

 The changes to the qualification process have an impact upon everyone who is looking for their 1st mortgage, next mortgage or refinancing the one they have.