Imagine you work for yourself as a house painter. A mosquito lands on your forehead while you are painting. You slap yourself so hard that you knock yourself off the ladder and break three ribs. Doctor says you'll be out of commission for four months. more ways than one.

Disability insurance kicks in when it becomes clear that the insured person is not capable of performing the core functions of their job due to injury or illness. The insurance policy will pay you a portion of your salary while you recover.

disability  insurance

If you have a group insurance policy through your job, you might already have some disability insurance. With group Di, you can only get a max of 66.67% of your monthly income.  This might not be enough for you to make ends meet. Let us take a look at your group plan and help you figure out if you have enough coverage

 Insure your most important asset  - your ability to earn an income